Meet the blogger.

Name: Siiri

Birthday: June 2

Height: 169 cm

Eye color: greyish blue

Hair color: my natural colour is light brown/blonde but atm the colour is dark brown (lol, a bit faded one :D) with some blonde

A random fact about you: I’m wearing this tee atm

Favorite band/artist: D

Favorite song: I don’t really have a fave song. I love too many songs to just pick one

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite season: summer

Favorite animal: probably dogs and horses but all kinds of animals are cool!

Favorite movie: LOTR movies (yeas, they are 1 movie for me. end of the discussion)

Are you currently in a relationship?: nope

Anything you need to work on?: ahaha probably on 23754259 things but right now my biggest problem is my lack of motivation to study for finals

Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: doesn’t really matter

Dark hair or light hair?: dark

Smart or attractive?: both tho if I really would need to choose I’d choose smart because I can’t handle too dumb people for too long

Is creativity attractive?: mostly yeah?

Do you care how much money they have?: not really. as long as they are able to live with what they have

Your last phone call: Mom

Your last text: school friend

The last thing you ate: rice and chicken

The last thing you drank: water

The last song you listened to: Lindsey Stirling - Stars Align

The last book you read: I guess the last one I finished was the Hobbit - I rereaded it (again) a while ago

The last movie you watched: Guardians of the Galaxy

What is your heritage?: I’m a Finn - tho my grandfather’s (paternal) family was from Sweden and my last name is also Swedish

Do you play any instruments?: Nope, played piano earlier but quit it years ago

What are you pets’ names?: Sadly I don’t have any pets :C

Your favorite board game: hmm maybe Carcassonne

A random childhood memory: I was under 4 years old. At that time me and my brother slept in a bunk bed in the same room. My brother was somewhere and it was time for me to take a nap. I begged from mom that I would get to sleep in the upper bed (the lower one was really mine) but when she finally allowed me and i got there i was too scared to sleep there :DD

Places you would like to visit: New Zealand (again), Germany, Japan, Scotland and Ireland and many many other places

Your favorite color to wear: black

Your biggest dream: Become a professional photographer and make a living from photographing  

Your motto: I don’t really have

Me: "Yeah..."
Me: -Forgets entire language-
11 pm: I think I might go to bed early tonight
3 am: lol

share your computer background, but DON’T CHANGE IT FOR ANY REASON, EVEN IF IT’S EMBARRASSING!

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Fan 2: I know. I know.

Q u e e n you shall be…”





People will stare. Make it worth their while → Rani Zakhem Haute Couture | S/S ‘13